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Today is our last full day in Mosul. We head back to Erbil tomorrow when team 12 with my friend Davis Perkins arrives to relieve us. Yesterday was not our busiest day, but likely the day with highest acuity. We had at least 9 critical burn/trauma patients, not including our more typical sniper or shrapnel injuries and many less acute yellow or green patients. Our busiest day was around 60 patients, most days we saw around 45. We will have a few hours in Erbil to grab dinner and see the city. Monday we head to Istanbul. We have a long layover there and hope to do a quick bus tour of the city. Travel Portland to Erbil took 34 hrs coming out with layovers. I think my return is scheduled a bit shorter. Home tuesday. Back to work thursday.

-NYCM PA/Paramedic Eric Holden

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