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We've turned the disaster response paradigm upside-down

After disasters, most aid is centered on cities.

Because cities have airports and receive international flights, most of the attention from news and aid organizations goes there.

But weeks may pass before aid arrives to remote communities…

…communities that can’t wait.

Our model reverses the focus of attention.

We send small, ultra-light medical teams to the remote areas first.

What if it’s an ongoing humanitarian crisis?

Then we scale this model up. We’re changing how the world responds to complex disasters.


Disaster Response

Our Mobile Disaster Teams provide critically needed care as quickly as possible for those who are the most difficult to reach.

Health Systems Development

>You hear that ambulance on your street? That’s prehospital health care. A lot of countries don’t have that.

Our Model_2

Global Aid Initiatives

We provide adaptable global health programming to address gaps in ongoing humanitarian relief efforts.

  • These teams are made up of licensed doctors, nurses, paramedics, and physician assistants.
  • They’re self-sufficient and can operate by themselves in remote areas with a two-week supply of medicine, food, and other necessities.
  • Team members typically deploy on a volunteer basis.
  • Basically, we help local organizations and governments devise regulatory frameworks, curricula, and standards development for pre-hospital
  • Then, we build their workforce capacity through clinical services implementation
  • …and scale up!

Iraq Case Study: Disaster Relief

We adapted our disaster response model to support the trauma response to the 2017 Mosul offensive.

In 2012, NYC Medics traveled to Malawi with Orant Charities to help conduct a medical needs assessment in Bowe Hill. They met there with Ministry of Health,  United Nations Development, USAID, and local officials and ran three days of medical clinics.


Case Study: Global Aid Initiative

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