It’s October 2005, and an earthquake has just hit Pakistan.

A group of paramedics at St. Claire’s Hospital in Manhattan are drinking coffee and listening to the news about the devastating earthquake that just hit northern Pakistan. 75,000 have been killed; over a million are homeless. The U.N. Secretary General is pleading for help. Some of them exchange glances.

Five days later, a US Navy helicopter drops of 13 health professionals from NYC in Suyan, Pakistan. NYC Medics is born.

Photo: Matthew McDermott

2020-Present We continue working with the WHO in Gaza to set up pre-hospital care, and we create online COVID training for paramedics.

2018 – Present

We partner with the WHO to focus on the chronic humanitarian crises in Yemen and Gaza, setting up systems for pre-hospital care.

2017   NYC Medics is the only mobile EMS group to respond to the WHO’s plea for help behind front lines in Mosul, Iraq. Our first long deployment where we help set up pre-hospital health systems.
2013   We deploy after Typhoon Haiyan.
Malawi and Kenya
2012   We perform a medical needs assessment in Malawi and do EMS training in Kenya
2011 We help in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Fukushima, Japan).
Haiti (earthquake)
2010   Earthquake
Pakistan (earthquake)
2006   Second deployment
Pakistan (earthquake)
2005   First deployment

Over the years, we’ve evolved from sending Emergency Medical Teams into natural disasters to setting up pre-hospital infrastructure in humanitarian crises.

What we care about is saving lives when no one else can get there.

Our Impact