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A Fond Farewell….

 Over the past five years, Dr. Timothy Tan has made remarkable contributions to NYCMedics.  His steadfast commitment to our mission and extensive experience in global health helped NYCMedics take great strides in both our operational and programming capacity.  Of the many things that Tim directed during his tenure, most notable was his guidance and implantation of our work in Iraq, the first ever conflict related response for NYCMedics.  While we are saddened to see him go we wish him success and all the best for his future endeavors.  From all of us at NYCMedics, and most importantly on behalf of all the patients we cared for under your guidance, thank you Dr. Tan for everything! 

A Warm Welcome…

We are pleased to announce the commitment of three new members to the NYCMedics Team! Familiar faces, Jake Dutton and Kathy Bequary, will also be taking on new roles. 

Dr. Matthew Waxman is now Medical Director. With a long resume in global health and academic research, and his incredible work in Iraq at our TSP, we are thrilled about his addition to the team. Steve Stevens has been a highly involved and dedicated volunteer with NYC Medics both in the field and the office; he will now be Volunteer Coordinator. Monique Francois is Operations Coordinator and is the main point person and organizer extraordinaire for all things administrative in the New York City office. 

Jake Dutton, previously the Volunteer Coordinator, will be taking on the role of Emergency Response Coordinator. His expertise and education in emergency response and management makes him uniquely qualified to help NYCMedics improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our response. 

 After leading the implementation of TSP efforts throughout 2017 and paving the way for continued operations in the Middle East, Kathy Bequary will soon be returning to New York City and will move back into the role of Executive Director.


Look out for emails and calls from Matt, Monique, and Steve. Feel free to reach out to introduce yourself; our new team members cannot wait to meet you!

Matthew Waxman

Dr. Matt Waxman is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles. He is an experienced global health professional who has worked in a variety of disaster responses and humanitarian crises. Matt has worked on the Thai Burma border, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and recently with NYCMedics in Iraq. He brings academic, research and educational leadership to the medical aspect of the NYCMedics team.

Steve Stevens

A former US Navy Corpsman, Steve has extensive experience in adult and pediatric critical care as well as trauma medicine. He now works as a paramedic in Westchester, New York and also serves as a rescue medic for the county’s technical rescue team.

Monique Francois

Monique joined NYC Medics in 2017 and has been filling the administrative and development roles in the New York City office. After graduating from Colgate University, Monique has been working in healthcare administration.