Since deploying to Aden (Yemen) in 2020, NYCMedics has been working to develop Yemen’s prehospital care system – a project that has proved timely and needed given the double challenge of Yemen’s state of emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic. Its first group of 6 paramedics  graduated in December 2020 and are working in the field.

NYCM is proud to be the first organization to ever provide this type of support in Yemen which includes:

  • developing the operational, dispatch and clinical framework
  • establishing and managing patient referral pathways
  • building a workforce of well-trained medics who bridge the gap between prehospital care and emergency departments during patient handover, and
  • ensuring a structured, timely exchange of information to optimize patient safety, continuity of care, and treatment

The Yemeni medics who have gone through NYCM’s training now know how to:

  • Provide appropriate medical intervention to patients during transfer
  • Transfer patients to the most appropriate destination hospital
  • Streamline patient care documentation, and
  • Ensure appropriate patient handoff

These measures have never been more needed given Yemen’s health minister’s recent warning that the second wave of COVID is about to strike the country. In coordination with the local government and partners, NYCM will be responsible for coordinating pre-hospital care for COVID patients in the country’s COVID response.

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