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ADEN, YEMEN 6.5.20 Job Description   ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW NYCMedics is a New York based global disaster relief and health organization, specializing in the deployment of highly trained and motivated clinical and global health staff and volunteers in the wake of natural disasters and complex emergencies.¬† Founded in 2006 in response Read more…


Aden, Yemen
The Country Director will be responsible for the overall coordination and strategic direction of NYCMedics project that oversees the entire patient referral process from presentation at front line medical facilities through to referral hospitals and interfacility transports. This position will provide leadership and supervisory management of NYCMedics Yemen office and operations, pursuing outcomes identified in the country strategy action plan to deliver high-quality, cost-effective programming results at high levels of accountability. The Country Director will be NYCMedics principal representative to the government, UN, donors, international and local NGOs and the media and is expected to respond effectively to a constantly changing environment with responsive and impactful  humanitarian programs implemented directly and with other stakeholders.